Writing Workshop

Join us for a workshop with Kathleen Olesky in September! Official flyer below:


Managing Your Muse: A writing weekend with Kathleen Olesky, MA, MFA

September 10-12, 2016 at the Monhegan Memorial Library

Join me for a weekend of writing on Monhegan Island. Just bring pen and paper and come ready to write on the spot to inspiring prompts in a warm, supportive environment. It is open to writers of all genres and levels of expertise. The workshop is based on the Amherst Writers and Artists Method developed by Pat Schneider and as described in Writing Alone and with Others (Oxford Univ. Press 2003). We will begin writing on Saturday morning, break for lunch, more writing in the afternoon and into the evening. There will be two writing sessions on Sunday and one more on Monday morning. Specific times to follow.

Reviews from participants:

Kathleen brings humor, warmth, and a wealth of knowledge about the craft of writing to her classes.
The clear structure that she provides makes risk-taking possible and learning inevitable. But it’s fun!
Who knew that writing to weekly prompts and doing her well-chosen exercises would evolve into
a nearly finished first draft of a novel? Wouldn’t have kept at it without the class!” Dee M., Newton, Mass.

 “Kathleen brings her writing and leadership skills, her humor and humanity…all hers in good measure … to our committed, steady, safe writing group.   She models, and we each offer, a supportive, respectful and discriminating response to each of us and encouragement to allow and shape a unique voice and style.  My Thursday morning write group? … I would be bare without it.”

Claire B., Newton, Mass.

“I have been in Kathleen’s writing workshop for ten years and have almost finished my memoir. I am in two groups a week. She has been a wonderful “coach.” Kathleen provides interesting prompts, positive feedback, and a safe, open environment for sharing. Best of all, she attracts good writers who you can cry and laugh with.” Sue E., Needham, Mass.

The cost for the two and half days is $250. A $100 deposit is required to reserve a space. Limit 10 people. Please send a deposit with the following:





To Kathleen Olesky

Managing Your Muse

124 Dickerman Rd

Newton, Mass 02461

I have an MA in counseling psychology and an MFA in creative writing. I am an AWA certified workshop leader who has been leading writing workshops in the Boston area since 2004. I am also chair of the board of Amherst Writers & Artists and have co-lead many training workshops in the AWA method. Her work appears in The Buddha’s Apprentices (Wisdom Press).


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