ice fishing shacks

everyone huddled inside

except the eagle


Dear friends and members of the Monhegan Memorial Library,

This beautiful haiku was written by Kristen Lindquist, who gave me permission to print it. In this, my second winter in Maine, it spoke to me—wishing I were the eagle and not the one huddled inside!

The Library’s 2018 Distinguished Writer’s Series event held last summer was a tremendous success and exceeded all expectations. Christina Baker Kline’s discussion of her best-selling novel, A Piece of the World, was a special event. To cap it off she was joined by Jamie Wyeth for an absorbing evening of discussion and questions.

The Library also hosted a dedication for the memorial bench donated by Jane Perry in memory of her late husband, James Rubin. I hope all of you will take the time to visit the beautiful bench this summer.

Our fourth Distinguished Writer’s Series event will take place over the weekend of August 3, 2019. We are excited to be hosting the author of the classic young adult novel The Giver, Lois Lowry. The events and times to be announced.

Mia Boynton has been working hard to get WiFi installed at the Library. Since Consolidated took over from Fairpoint, Monhegan has not been a priority. Mia has been working through the Maine State Library for the installation, which has been a longer process than expected. But according to Mia we are closing in on it, and it will be there for use this summer. The WiFi will be password protected and available only to members.

Our Library is unique and wonderful! We are both a traditional library and an evolving community resource. On behalf of the Library board and staff, I would like to thank you for all your generous help and support.


Miki Partridge

President, Library Board

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