Annual Letter

Dear friends and members of Monhegan Memorial Library,

Well, I made it through my first Maine winter relatively unscathed! The snow was beautiful and the cold was bearable. Mud season, however, leaves a lot to be desired.

It is with great sadness that I report the death of a much loved Monhegan resident. Surrounded by his family, Victor Lord passed away last summer. We also lost David Boynton, a much loved and longterm summer resident. There will be a memorial service for David on Monhegan on July 16th. Monhegan gained a new resident–the ever-smiling and ever-happy Milo Greatorex-Way. His proud parents, Mel and Stew, share wonderful pictures on Facebook. Check them out. We are also thrilled that island farmers Sue and Tobey will be back this summer. To add to that good news, the Island Farm has decided to offer their produce on the church lawn SIX days a week this spring and summer. No more waiting for farmers market!

We are so fortunate to have Mia! In very creative ways, she keeps our library at the heart of the Monhegan community. The library continues to do story hours with the school kids every week. This summer we will be hosting book discussions, Writing Group (now in its fourth year), the Poetry Jamboree, and community meetings including MISCA and AA.

Back in November, responding to frequent visitor questions, we sent out a survey asking members what they thought about offering WiFi at the library. Many responded. Mia will report the results at our June 2018 meeting.  While the jury is still out, if the library decides to offer WiFi, it will be included in your membership. The WiFi will be password protected and available to members only.

This will be the third summer of the library’s Distinguished Writers Series. Those who participated last summer had a fabulous time with Paul Doiron at the Murder Mystery Party. His talk and writer’s discussion were highlights of the summer. And who can forget poet Richard Blanco’s powerful and poignant talk to a packed audience at the church two years ago? This summer is going to be spectacular! Our Distinguished Writer will be Christina Baker Kline. She wrote the blockbuster NY Times #1 bestseller Orphan Train. Her latest book is A Piece of the World— a novel inspired by Andrew Wyeth’s painting “Christina’s World.” She is in high demand, and we are lucky to have booked her. Thank you, Mia! If you have not read hee books, please do, and you will understand why they are bestsellers.

You recently received a special post card raffle offer to help support Christina’s visit. This is not to be confused with our annual raffle fundraiser for the library, which will be drawn as usual on Library Day. The grand prize for the library raffle will be announced soon.

Our library is unique and wonderful. We are both a traditional library and an evolving community resource. On behalf of the library board and staff, I would like to thank you all for your generous help and support.


Miki Partridge

President, Library Board


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