Spring 2021

Dear Friends of Monhegan Memorial Library,

Signs of spring are in the air as are plans for visiting Monhegan Island.  How wonderful!  I hope this letter finds you and your family safe and well.

We very much hope that we see you in the library this summer.  Mia Boynton and Matt Holtzman will continue to serve ably as our librarians.  The library is open and newly published books are on the shelves.  In addition to the new books, various reference books about Monhegan are available for use in the library such as The Cabot Albums, which is a collection of historical photos of the island. As our schedule of programming has yet to be decided, we encourage you to check the library website at www.monheganlibrary.com or on Facebook @ Monhegan Memorial Library for updates.  

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your loyal support of the library during these unprecedented times.  Your consistent annual giving by donating, being a member, and participating in the fundraising raffle not only enables us to staff and keep the library open as well as buy and loan recently published books plus provide access to WiFi to library members. 

Did you know the Monhegan Memorial Library is supported solely by contributions by friends of the library like you?  No federal or state funding is provided.  

To keep patrons and staff safe, we are not holding fundraising events this summer.  Instead, we are restructuring our annual raffle to include three elegant baskets of prizes that are described below.  As this is our only fundraiser for the year, we very much appreciate you being as generous as you can and wish you good fortune to win one of the baskets. 

Grand Prize Basket is a painting by Caleb Stone who is the featured artist at the Island Inn this year.

Basket #2 is a collection of several items and gift cards for meals and beverages generously donated by many island businesses for you to enjoy on “A Perfect Monhegan Day”  

•The Barnacle – A hooded Monhegan sweatshirt of your choice

•The Black Duck – A cup of coffee/specialty drink, pastry, and a mug of your choice

•The Museum – a personal tour of the Fitzgerald House

•Elva’s – a classic Monhegan 04852 hat

•Lupine Gallery – A copy of Mark Warner’s Maine:  A Guide to Maine’s Fabled Island

•The Monhegan House / The Novelty – Pizza, beverage, and ice cream treat

•Kristin Lindquist – A Birder’s Stroll

•Trailing Yew – A midafternoon smoothie

•Monhegan Brewery – a flight of seasonal beers

•Fish House- A Fish Beach lobster and beverage

Basket #3 contains items and goodies from the Monhegan Memorial Library such as the award winning Monhegan Memorial Library cookbook, laminated library bookmarks designed by island artists, a Library tee shirt, a Library tote bag, and a La Nef’s Charlie Martin chocolate bar.

As always, we sincerely appreciate your continued support of this community treasure.  You can help by returning the included membership/ contribution card with a check for membership and raffle tickets.  Of course, you could also visit the library website at www.monheganlibrary.com and click on the yellow Donate button to contribute using PayPal or a credit card. The Monhegan Memorial Library is a 501(c) (3) corporation, and your donations are tax-deductible to the extent provided by the law.  


Carol Burdick 

President, Monhegan Memorial Library Board

6 thoughts on “Annual Letter

  1. Hi Carol,
    We’re ready to send a check for our membership and for 100 raffle tickets but we are confused about the raffle tickets. Are we supposed to copy the sheet of five that we received and then fill out 100 and send them all to the library?

    1. Hi Joe, it’s Mia! You don’t need to fill out all 100…just fill out one with your info and make a note that you are getting
      100 and I’ll take care of it from there. Thanks so much!!

      1. Thanks Mia,
        We’ll get it in the mail. Look forward to seeing you in September and to hearing about your travels.
        Joe & Kim

      2. Hi Mia,
        Our Monhegan time is getting close! We’re so excited.
        On a “we’re sorry” note we forgot to get the $100 for the Raffle in the mail. Can you think of a way we can do this in the next four days?
        If not we will just make a $100 donation when we get there.
        Look forward to seeing you and to using the Library.

  2. I sent my raffle tickets in but I forgot to write the date of the raffle on my calendar. Can you tell me if it happened already and who the winners were. I’ll sit with my fingers crossed. 😁 Happy Summer
    Suellen McGillick

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