We have so missed welcoming all of you to the Library and we’re thrilled to be opening our doors!

  • We will be allowing 2 people from separate groups or one household in at a time. We ask that children under 10 be accompanied by an adult.
  • Please wear a face mask at all times. Librarians will also be wearing face masks.
  • WiFi is available for use on the lawn only. (Not inside, to prevent crowding.) It is for residents and members only, please ask us for the password. Please maintain 6ft. social distancing while on the lawn, and wear a mask if there is anyone else on the property.
  • We will print and laminate documents upon request! Email us for more details.
  • We are STILL doing “porch” pickup! To have a book left out for you, just look on our online card catalog here and email or call us to request!

NEW on our Blog: check out the 2019 Writing Group Zine!

Writing Group Zine 2019 edition!

Open Hours

  • Tuesday: 3-5pm
  • Wednesday: 3-5pm
  • Friday: 3-5pm
  • Saturday: 3-5pm
  • Sunday: 3-5pm


$15 Individual

$25 Family

1 Library Lane
Monhegan, Maine 04852

(207) 596-0549


Mia Boynton
Matthew Holtzman