Q: Can I return books after hours?
A:  Yes, there is a drop box outside the front door.  But please don’t place art books in this box if at all possible and, if it is raining hard, please wrap the books in a plastic bag.

Q:  How many books are there in the library?
A:  At last count (2009), there are approximately 8000 items in the collection, most of which are books and most of which circulate.

Q:  Do I have to be a member to take out books?
A:  In order to take out books or use the computers, you will have to join the library.  Please ask the librarian for current rates.

Q:  How long do memberships last?
A:  Memberships last until the end of the year.

Q:  How long are borrowing periods for books at the library?
A:  Most books can be checked out for two week periods, except for new books which can only be out for a week.

Q:  Is there a separate section in the library for Monhegan authors?
A:  There is a section devoted to Monhegan Authors in the front room of the library.  A librarian will be happy to give you a tour.


Q: Can I search your collection on-line?
A: Not yet.  Much to the delight of first time visitors and to the chagrin of many frequent patrons, we still rely exclusively on  our quaint / maddening card catalog for keeping track of our collection.

Q:  Are there computers available for use in the library?
A:  There are two computers in the back room which are available (to members only).  There is a sign-up sheet for the computers on the door to the back room, and a member may sign up for one 20 minute slot a day, unless the library is open in the afternoon and then again in the evening, in which case one could sign up once in the afternoon and then come back and sign up again in the evening.

Q:  Can I sign up for a slot on the computers in advance?
A: In most cases, you may only sign up for a slot after the sheet has been posted (a new sheet it posted at the beginning of every shift).

Q:  Is it possible to access the internet from my computer if I bring it to the library?
Q:  Do you have Wi-Fi at the library?
A:  We do not have Wi-Fi at the library, but in case of emergency it is possible to connect to our router with an ethernet cable.  Otherwise we encourage members to use the computers in our back room.


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