Q: Can I return books after hours?

A:  Yes, there is a drop box outside the front door.  But please don’t place art books in this box if possible and, if it is raining hard, please wrap the books in a plastic bag.

Q:  How many books are there in the library?

A:  At last count (2009), there are approximately 8000 items in the collection, most of which are books and most of which circulate.

Q:  Do I have to be a member to take out books?

A:  In order to take out books you will have to join the library. Our current rates are $15/individual, or $25/family (two or more people). We accept cash or checks, but cannot take credit cards.

Q:  How long do memberships last?

A:  Memberships last until the end of the calendar year.

Q:  How long are borrowing periods for books at the library?

A:  Most books can be checked out for two week periods, except for new books which can only be out for a week.

Q:  Is there a separate section in the library for Monhegan authors?

A:  There is a section devoted to Monhegan Authors in the front room of the library.  A librarian will be happy to give you a tour.

Q: Can I search your collection on-line?

A: YES! After much work, we have finally made our card catalog searchable. Click on the tab “Online Card Catalog” (on the right) to access it. We also have a physical card catalog in the Library.

Q:  Are there still computers available for use in the library?

A:  There is one laptop available for patron use inside the Library, during Library hours. Please inquire with the Librarian.

Q: Can I print/photocopy in the Library?

A: Yes. To print, either use the Library laptop or email your document to monheganmemoriallibrary@gmail.com (fastest way) and we will be happy to print it for you. We can also print from a flash drive. You may email your document ahead we will have it printed for you during open hours. Printing costs 20cents per page.

Q: Can you laminate something for me?

A: Yes. Laminating is $1 per page. We can only laminate standard size paper.

Q:  Do you have Wi-Fi at the library?

A:  Yes. It is password protected  and you must be a member to use it. Ask the Librarian for the password. Please note that it may be slow. No matter if you are using it inside or outside, we ask that you wear headphones. Video calls are only permitted outside, and please be aware of your volume.

Q: Can I fax something?

A: Yes, we just got a used fax machine. Be patient with us as we learn to use it, but yes, you can fax. Faxing is free if you bring your document in, otherwise see above for printing rate.

Q: Can I do a book talk at your Library while I’m on island?

A: We prefer to solicit speakers ourselves, but you are welcome to talk to the Librarian if you think your talk would be of interest to us.

Q: I just wrote a book, can I give it to you?

A: We prefer to curate our collection as we have limited space. Thank you for your understanding.

Q: I have some books (by others) that I want to give away, can I donate them?

A: Again, we prefer to curate our collection as we have limited space. You are welcome to tell the Librarian what titles you have to offer in case there are any we’d like to add. We only take hardcover, unmarked books in extremely good condition. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE BOOKS IN OUR BOOK DROP. Unapproved books become part of our “giveaway” pile, which we have to take inshore to get rid of—a time-consuming task!

Q: Can I volunteer at the Library? Can my child volunteer?

A: We welcome volunteers of all ages! Just come talk to the Librarian and we can let you know what we need. Projects include shelf-reading, keeping our card catalog organized, and helping with special events.

Q: Can I use the Library for my class, workshop etc?

A: Depending upon our schedule, the Library may be available for private events. Talk to a Librarian for further information

6 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hello!
    We certainly enjoyed seeing your library. It was very well stocked! When my daughter and I were there, we looked for one of our favorite authors for her granddaughter, the L. A. Meyer’s “Bloody Jack” series and you don’t apparently keep them. The librarian was very helpful, but I had no paper with me, and I’m not sure I gave her the right address for finding these books. The author, (now deceased) was a Maine resident and his wife still lives here. She has been very, very kind to us in helping us acquire the full series, and I suspect she might donate a selection to you if you asked.
    I first bought “Bloody Jack” in Bar Harbor for my 11 yr old granddaughter in, thinking it would keep her entertained on an 8 hr drive, but it was such a success that I got her the rest of the series, read them myself and passed them on to all of my grown children — who passed them on to all of their friends, from children to UMaine professors.
    They’re rollicking tales of a little English orphan in the early 19th century who goes to sea on a Royal Navy ship disguised as a boy. In book #2, her deception having been discovered, she is sent to a school in Boston. The girls are kidnapped by pirates in Book #3 but cleverly escape, and in Book #4 she sails down the Mississippi from Ohio to New Orleans, etc, etc. from adventure to adventure.

    The author’s widow, Mrs. Louis A. Meyer, can be reached in Corea, Maine (one address I see in the phone book gives 348 Paul Bunyan Rd, Gouldsboro, but may not be current), but I’m sure the post office would know. Sherman’s Bookstores also carry them.

    Alice Jones (Mrs. Anthony R.)


  2. Do you have information about the Monhegan Library system related to your bylaws, charter, or authorizing legislation?

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