On August 14th at our Annual Meeting here at the Library, we covered routine business as well as some new items of special interest. We elected/re-elected to the board: President Candis Kerns, Vice President Kim Murdock, Treasurer Don Abbott and Board Member Sue Bolman. We heard Annual Reports from the President, Vice President, Finance Committee,  Book Committee, as well as from the Librarian. And we opened two topics to the public: getting Wifi at the Library, and the future of Tea-by-the-Sea. We had a great discussion and we would like to continue it here.

Please comment below on…

1) Should the Library offer Wifi? And if we do, how should we do it? As other Libraries across the country evolve, what changes do we need to make to keep the Monhegan Library current?

Some comments in our meeting included having a locked network that only Library members had a password to, and turning off the Wifi at certain times of the day to maintain a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. What would work best for you?

2) Tea-by-the-Sea feels less exciting than in previous years, and attendance is dropping. How can we revive this event while still keeping it manageable? For those that remember, should we go back to costumes and art auctions? Or should we try a different type of fundraiser all together?

In the meeting some people commented that we could try to have a Tea themed around the history of Monhegan (befitting the approach of the Quadricentennial) and also that we could try to have it at an individual home as was done in the past. What’s your opinion?

The input of our community is vital in making our  Library work. Please talk, ask questions and give feedback, and know that it all helps us better serve YOU. Thank you for making your voice heard!


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