On Wednesday, we had our Annual Meeting, this year again held via ZOOM out of concern for COVID safety. And again, I’d like to share my Annual Report with you! This year was a quiet one for the Library, but what if we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that quiet isn’t always bad. We’ve been able to be open uninterrupted, and are back to serving patrons as normal. We’ve even brought back some events! In such uncertain times, these feel like big gains. So we’re proud and happy with how this year went and is going, and we hope for more of the same as we head into our last month and a half of busy season.

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A big heartfelt THANK YOU for using the Library this year. During times like these, your support is extra appreciated. Stay safe, wear a mask, and read a book!

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  1. trying to reach william (bill) payne on monhegan island…have been unable to locate him online…let me know if he is still living there and what his contact info might be…thank you jw

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