Today we are pleased to announce the establishment of the Ann Mitchell Memorial Fund for Children’s Literature, started by Dave Mitchell in memory of his wife. Ann Mitchell was a longtime member of our summer community and the Library was close to her heart. She had a special interest in Children’s literature and helped build our collection through serving on our Library Board. We are very grateful to the Mitchells for their generosity and love for our Library.

See below to read a thank you from our President, Candis Kerns.

Dear Mr. Mitchell,

On behalf of the board of the Monhegan Memorial Library, I am writing to acknowledge and thank you and your family for your gift of $400 from your wife’s memorial fund. This is a gift that is particularly meaningful because your wife served on the board, selecting children’s literature.  The schoolteacher, the children in the schoolhouse, Corlis Carroll who has been conducting a story hour once a week for the past 16 years, the children of the residents and the children of the summer visitors, the librarians and the members of the board all depend upon the few people who, with love and a discerning eye, volunteer to select first-rate books for the children. Your wife’s service on the board has now been enriched by this family gift in her name.

The head of the current book selection committee and the librarians will be setting aside your donation for the purchase of children’s books.  We will use the donation over a number of years and it will be known as “The Ann Mitchell Memorial Fund for Children’s Literature”.

 How nice it was to meet you outside of the Island Inn on the day of “Tea by the Sea”.  Please let me know if you will be coming to the island next year.  Perhaps you and I, the current person who selects the children’s books, and the librarians could visit the children’s reading corner of the library together.

 With gratitude and best wishes,

Candis Kerns, President of the Board

Monhegan Memorial Library

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