Untitled Barnyard 1977 20" x 14.5" Wood
Untitled Barnyard
20″ x 14.5″
 Untitled Butterfly ca 1970s 31" x 23"  wood and paint on formica unsigned

Untitled Butterfly
ca 1970s
31″ x 23″ wood and paint on formica

Thanks to the generosity of the Kohler Foundation, the Monhegan Library is now the proud owner of two sculptures by the late Bernard (Blackie) Langlais! After being lovingly restored, the sculptures arrived on the island this week. We will install them in the Library later this year, so you can see them for yourself next summer!

To read about the Kohler Foundation, the Langlais estate and how the sculptures were selected, visit:


And go to our Facebook page to see more pictures!

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