Today we held our Annual Meeting at the Library. We bid a fond farewell to departing board members and officers: Iris Miller, Susan Finkin, Kim Murdock, our excellent Vice-President, and Candis Kerns, our stellar President of 3 years. (Candis will remain on the board ex-officio) And we said hello to new board members and officers: Margot Sullivan, Miki Partridge, Michael Brassard, Carol Burdick as Book Committee Chair, and Dave Clapp as President. Here’s to a new page for the Library under a committed and diverse board! Matthew Holtzman and I (Mia) will remain at our posts as Librarians, a job we both love so well.

If you are interested in what happened at the Library this year, and what may happen next year, take a look at my annual librarian’s report! I hope to post the reports of board members on this blog later on as well. We welcome your thoughts… comment online or stop by the Library to chat!




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